Chapter 8. Comments

Table of Contents
8.1. Summary
8.2. Installing the comments plugin
8.3. Additional comments plugin configuration
8.4. Writing comments plugin templates
8.5. Dealing with comment spam
8.6. Installing trackback
8.7. Installing pingback
8.8. Installing the CommentAPI

This chapter briefly walks you through installing the comments, trackback, pingback, and CommentAPI plugins.

FIXME - this chapter needs some serious work.

8.1. Summary

PyBlosxom does not come with comments functionality built-in. Instead, comments are implemented as a plugin which people who are interested in in having comments can install and everyone else can ignore.

You can get the comments plugin via a couple of different methods:

  1. You can get it in a contributed plugins pack. These are on the download section of our web-site. Check here:

    This is probably the best and easiest way to get the comments plugin.

  2. You can ask on the pyblosxom-users mailing list to see if anyone has a version of the comments plugin that meets your specific needs.

  3. You can get it via CVS--there are instructions on the project page of our web-site. Check here: