PyBlosxom Python Markdown 2

name: PyBlosxom Python Markdown 2
author: Mako, Sean
home page:
license: GPLv3
category: text
tags: 1.5
last edited: Feb 20, 2013 (Wednesday)

This plugin requires Python Markdown v2.x, which you can download from:

Extract the markdown directory from the Python Markdown tarball (the directory containing, not the Markdown-2.x.y directory) into your pyblosxom plugins dir alongside this plugin. Your plugins dir should look like this:

plugins/                  <-- your pyblosxom plugins dir     <-- this file
   markdown/              <-- the Python Markdown module
   ...                    <-- (any other pyblosxom plugins)

Now any posts with filenames ending in one of these extensions will be passed through python-markdown:

  • .txt
  • .text
  • .mkdn
  • .markdown
  • .md
  • .mdown
  • .markdn
  • .mkd
  • .mdwn