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Pyblosxom allows you to use your favorite editor, toolset and workflow to maintain your blog without forcing you to build it all from scratch.


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Notice - Pyblosxom is no longer in active development

Many things seem to have replaced it in popularity, and the previously active developers are busy on other projects, or just with life.

As such, while we're still accepting patches, new features, etc, it is safe to consider the project "Abandoned" as it relates to active, new development (Unless you plan on doing it yourself).

It's been a good run, guys. Let me know if any of you want to take it up :-)

Work In Progress

One of PyBlosxom's greatest strengths is our community

Here are some of the things we are working on right now that you can contribute to.

PyBlosxom Codebase

  • The list you are reading now needs to be ported to a todo.txt in the PyBlosxom repo in an easy, automated way
  • The Jinja2 plugin needs to be added to the base repo + docs and automated tests written


  • Port and add themes to the themes repo
  • Automated tests need to be created for any plugin that dosen't have it
  • Create an easy CLI UI for adding and removing themes/plugins from the repo to the local install
  • The "Newslists" plugin needs to be moved into the plugins repo and tests/docs created

Site and Administration

  • Puppet/Vagrant testing/deployment images need to be created to test various enviroments and setups more effectively

Keep Updated