What is Pyblosxom

Pyblosxom is a lightweight blog system. It was originally a Python clone of Blosxom but has since evolved into a blog system of its own reminiscent of Blosxom.

Pyblosxom focuses on three things:


Pyblosxom stores all data on the file system in plain text files. This allows you to use any text editor to create, update and manipulate entries. You can also use existing text-manipulation tools, version control, scripts, grep, ... for managing your blog.

Pyblosxom can run as a CGI script, WSGI component or you can use it to statically compile your website into HTML/XML files.

Your workflow is your workflow.


Pyblosxom has a plugin framework enabling you to augment and enhance Pyblosxom’s default behavior. Plugins are written in Python. We maintain a list of plugins in the plugin registry on the website.

Plugins aren’t hard to write. We’re happy to help you write plugins.


There are several hundred Pyblosxom users out there all of whom have different needs. Pyblosxom is used on a variety of operating systems in a variety of environments. We have the standard open source project fare: mailing lists, IRC channel, wiki, ...

Pyblosxom is built to let you use existing text-manipulation tools without having to build the whole ecology from scratch.

Pyblosxom can be run as:

Overview of Pyblosxom

Entries, categories, storage: