name: rss2renderer
author: Will Guaraldi
home page:
download: None
category: syndication
last edited: Feb 20, 2013 (Wednesday)

Blake originally wrote this. I overhauled it and simplified it a bit and offer to maintain it going forward.

This is an RSS2 renderer. When you specify (via the url) something like "/index.rss2" (this is configurable--see the instructions), then it'll act as the renderer and render the RSS2 format of your site. It doesn't require flavour templates and you should be able to just drop it in as a plugin and it should just work.

If there are any comments, issues, bugs, feedback, or similar things--leave them below or email me (willg at bluesock dot org).

2008-04-05 note: If you're using PyBlosxom 1.3 or later, you do not need this plugin.