name: pygallery
author: Oscar Norlander
home page:
category: display/graphics
last edited: Feb 20, 2013 (Wednesday)

This is a gallery script that has good configuring possibilities. All documentation is in the python source file you download. It currently has the following functionality:

  • can manage several galleries (three level design: gallery list, thumbs, image)
  • every gallery has a simple configuration file (index.cfg) that contain gallery name, summery text, image text, grouping images etc.
  • common variables are set in
  • there are special care has been taken for customizing row and items in the gallery list and the thumbs list.
  • the index.cfg file can be generated with (downloaded at same place as this plugin)

11/30/2007 - Verified by CanadaBear as part of GHOP that version 2.01 of this plugin works with PyBlosxom 1.4.2. (will kahn-greene)