name: spamquestion
author: Menno Smits
home page:
category: comments
last edited: Feb 20, 2013 (Wednesday)

Description: spamquestion is a simple PyBlosxom plugin that helps to prevent comment spam. A randomly selected question is shown on the comment form for a blog entry. The user must answer the question correctly in order to submit a comment. The approach works because each blog will use it's own set of unique questions that are easy for a human to deal with but are virtually impossible for a computer to answer unaided. This makes automated spambots ineffective. Unlike CAPTCHA based anti-spam systems, this approach does not disadvantage visually impaired users and works even in text only browsers. The question is written to the "spam_question" template variable. The user's answer is expected in a "spam_answer" form variable. These two items need to be integrated into the comment form template. Requires: The "comments" plugin and the "session" plugin.