name: commentAPI
author: Ted Leung
home page:
download: As of PyBlosxom 1.5 rc1, comes with PyBlosxom
license: MIT
category: comments
tags: 1.4 core
last edited: Feb 20, 2013 (Wednesday)


CommentAPI provides support for Joe Gregario's CommentAPI .


To use it, place it your plugins directory and make sure that you define py['commentAPI_urltrigger'], which is the URI to be used for talking to the commentAPI. Be sure that you have installed

You must also add the commentAPI tags to your RSS 2.0 feed. The best way to do this is to add an XML namespace declaration to the rss element:


Then inside your RSS items you need to add a wfw:comment element:


where ``commentAPI`` is the value of ``commentAPI_urltrigger``

For example:

py['commentAPI_urltrigger'] = "/commentAPI"