2.3. Trouble-shooting

We're going to try to break this down a bit into categories. Bear with us and keep trying things. If you have problems and have gone through this section to no avail, then come talk to us on the pyblosxom-users list. Details of the mailing list are located at http://pyblosxom.sourceforge.net/ .

2.3.1. Running ./pyblosxom.cgi doesn't work.

First, you should check to see if you have Python installed on your system. If not, then that's probably the problem. Go install Python.

If Python is installed on your system, make sure the first line in pyblosxom.cgi points to your Python interpreter. If not, fix that and try running ./pyblosxom.cgi again.

If Python is installed on your system and the first line of pyblosxom.cgi is correct, then check to see if it's a permissions issue. pyblosxom.cgi is a script--so it needs execute permission in order to function. If those aren't set, then fix that and try running ./pyblosxom.cgi again.

2.3.2. I see a HTTP 404 error when I try to bring up my blog

When you try to look at your blog and you get a HTTP 404 error, then you're using the wrong URL. Are you futzing with .htaccess? Does your server allow you to run CGI scripts? Do other CGI scripts work? Does the URL you're trying to use to access PyBlosxom look like other URLs that work on your system?

2.3.3. I see a HTTP 500 error when I try to bring up my blog

When you try to look at your blog and you get a HTTP 500 error, check your server logs. For Apache, look for the error.log file in a place like /var/logs/apache or /var/logs/httpd.

Notemake sure you read the installation chapter

At this point, running ./pyblosxom.cgi at the command prompt should work fine. If you haven't done that and you're busy trouble-shooting, go back to the installation and make sure you did all the steps.

Does the account your web-server runs as have execute access to your pyblosxom.cgi script?

Is it kicking up a Python stack trace? If so, uncomment the line in pyblosxom.cgi (remove the # at the beginning of the line) that looks like this:

#import cgitb; cgitb.enable()

Then try looking at your blog again. That should spit up a huge pretty traceback that should help iron out the issue for you. At a bare minimum, it's useful to people who can help you out.

Do you have plugins loaded? If you do, try unloading all your plugins and see if the problem persists. Sometimes there are issues with plugins that only show up in certain situations.

2.3.4. I have other issues

Try changing the renderer for your blog to the debug renderer. You can do this by setting the renderer property in your config.py file to debug. That will show a lot more detail about what things get set to and may help you figure out your issues.

2.3.5. UGH! My blog looks UGLY!

Read the chapter on flavours and templates to help you out.

2.3.6. I hate writing in HTML!

That's ok. Read the chapter on entry parsers.