Chapter 3. Advanced Installation

Table of Contents
3.1. Using mod_python, Twisted or WSGI
3.2. Renaming the pyblosxom.cgi Script

Don't try any of this until you've gotten your blog up and running.

This chapter covers additional advanced things you can do to your blog that will make it nicer. However, they're not necessary and they're advanced and we consider these things to be very much a "you're on your own" kind of issue.

If you ever have problems with PyBlosxom and you ask us questions on the pyblosxom-users or pyblosxom-devel mailing lists, make sure you explicitly state what things you've done from this chapter. It'll go a long way in helping us to help you.

3.1. Using mod_python, Twisted or WSGI

PyBlosxom 1.2 has preliminary support for other frameworks than CGI. While we think it works fine, it could use some more testing.

FIXME - need instructions for setting up with mod_python, Twisted, and WSGI.