Chapter 2. Installing PyBlosxom

Table of Contents
2.1. Pre-requisites for installing PyBlosxom
2.2. Installing PyBlosxom
2.3. Trouble-shooting

While there are many ways to install PyBlosxom, the most common one is to install PyBlosxom as a CGI script for a single user. This installation guide will cover that. For other ways to install PyBlosxom, refer to the mailing lists and the web-site.

This installation assumes you have some understanding of CGI, Apache configuration, and know how to manipulate files and directories. If this doesn't sound like you, maybe you should get a friend to help out or ask for help on the pyblosxom-users mailing list. Details of the mailing list are on our web-site at .

Noteupgrading PyBlosxom

If you are upgrading your version of PyBlosxom, follow the instructions here and also read the README that comes with your PyBlosxom tarball for differences between this version and the previous versions. The README file contains instructions on updating your file, templates, and other parts of your PyBlosxom installation which you will have to do by hand.

2.1. Pre-requisites for installing PyBlosxom

You will need: