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Class BlosxomCache

BlosxomCacheBase --+

A Null cache
Method Summary
    Inherited from BlosxomCacheBase
  __init__(self, req, config)
Constructor - setup and load up the cache
  __delitem__(self, key)
  __getitem__(self, key)
Convenience function to make this class look like a dict
  __setitem__(self, key, value)
Synonymous to saveEntry
Close your cache if necessary.
  get(self, key, default)
Gets the data from the cache, returns a dict or an empty dict.
  has_key(self, key)
boolean isCached(self)
Returns 0 or 1 based on whether there is cached data, returns 0 is cache data is stale
List out a list of keys for the cache, to be overridden by a subclass if a full dict interface is required.
  load(self, entryid)
Try to load up the cache with entryid (a unique key for the entry)
Remove cache entry: This is not used by pyblosxom, but used by utilities
  saveEntry(self, entrydata)
Store entrydata in cache

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