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Package Pyblosxom.cache

PyBlosxom works by pulling data from the file system, passing it through a series of filters and transformations, and then rendering it. Some of these steps are somewhat intensive and to alleviate this, we cache things.

For example, the entries.base.BaseEntry class allows entries to be cached after they've been pulled from the file system and passed through a series of filters/formatters.

There are several cache mechanisms. Read the documentation for each to understand how they work and how to set them up. Additional caching mechanisms can be dropped in this directory and used by setting the "cacheDriver" item in the config dict.
  • base: A basic driver, used by default in pyblosxom, does not do anything at all
  • entrypickle: This cache driver creates pickled data as cache in a directory.
  • entryshelve: This cache driver creates shelved data as cache in a dbm file.

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