PyBlosxom Jinja renderer

name: Jinjablosxom
author: Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Sebastian Spaeth, Christopher Allan Webber
home page:
download [mirror]:
category: text/renderer
tags: 1.5

It can be turned on by just loading it as a plugin and setting
py['renderer']='jinja2' in your (of course you need to have
jinja2 installed). And you also need the corresponding template files in
<datadir>/flavours/jinja/≤flavor>.flav. In one of the above commits I
add template files for atom, rss20, snarfed (html based on snarfed but
heavily modified).

What breaks:
- I had problems with non-ascii chars in filenames, using
python2.5. UTF-8 in posts works fine though.
- I am a bit unsure which callback will break when you switch away from
the blosxom renderer though. The cb_story one will break for sure (I
added a cb_jinja2 one though that plugins can use).
- I don't have beautiful documentation written for it.

Why do I like it?
- I like the templating language. It is powerful and easy to understand
- One template for stories that inherits from base templates, rather
than concatenating lots of individual templates.
  For example, this let me set set the 'title' in <head> in a story
  view. Usually the story title is only available in the story
  template at which time it is too late to manipulate <head>.
- It was amazingly simple to plug in a new Renderer.
- I learned a lot while coding it :)

If you find it useful, have fun. Otherwise sorry for the noise.