Join In!

We are always happy to see new faces on the mailing lists or IRC channel. If you have any questions about PyBlosxom or you are interested in contributing by helping new users, adding to the documentation, or contributing a patch or plugin, see how you can connect with us below.

We could use help with the following things:

If you're interested in contributing, but don't know where to start, join the devel mailing list and ask!

Please note that our code is under the MIT licence and our documentation is under the CC0 licence and all contributing code will be licenced under those licences. If that isn't OK with you, please say so before contributing.


A bunch of us hang out on #pyblosxom on (webchat) If you want to socialize with other PyBlosxom users or have a question you think is too minor for the users list, look for us here.

Mailing lists


pyblosxom-users at lists dot sourceforge dot net (subscribe/unsubscribe) (archives)

This mailing list is for users who are having problems installing or configuring Pyblosxom. It can also be used for questions, comments, bugs, ideas, and things of that nature as well.


pyblosxom-devel at lists dot sourceforge dot net (subscribe/unsubscribe) (archives)

This mailing list is for developers who want to add/modify/delete functionality in Pyblosxom. Since it revolves around Pyblosxom development, it's also a good place to ask questions about how to build plugins and for advice on working around various plugin development issues.


Please file bugs and feature requests in our issue tracker.

Send in patches

Want to share your changes? Check out our docs on hacking and sending in patches.