Pyblosxom supports multiple renderers and comes with two by default: debug and blosxom.

blosxom renderer

You can set which renderer to use in your file like this:

py["renderer"] = "blosxom"


If you don’t specify the renderer configuration variable, Pyblosxom uses the blosxom renderer.

The blosxom renderer is named as such because it operates similarly to blosxom. Read the chapter on flavours and templates.

debug renderer

The debug renderer outputs your blog in a form that makes it easy to see the data generated when handling a Pyblosxom request. This is useful for debugging plugins, working on blosxom flavours and templates, and probably other things as well.

To set Pyblosxom to use the debug renderer, do this in your file:

py["renderer"] = "debug"

Other renderers

If you want your blog rendered by a different renderer, say one that uses a different template system like Jinja or Cheetah, then you will need to install a plugin that implements the renderer callback.

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