Pyblosxom does not come with comments functionality built-in. There are several ways you can add comments functionality to your blog. This chapter talks about those.


Disqus is a comments platform web service that allows you to add comments to your blog.


  • it’s easy to install
  • it handles spam for you
  • supports notifications and replies


  • it’s a web service that you have no control over
  • it might be difficult to move your comments over to a new system

If this is interesting to you, sign up for a Disqus account.

Writing your own comments plugin

Pyblosxom allows for plugins allowing you to write a plugin to add comments to your website. This isn’t for the feint of heart–there are a lot of bits to think about.


  • you’re in complete control over how comments work on your site


  • not for the feint of heart

Comments plugin

Pyblosxom comes with a comments plugin that has a series of features, but also has some issues and isn’t trivial to set up.


  • it’s entirely in your control
  • you can extend and modify it to meet your needs
  • a lot of Pyblosxom users use it


  • many people find it difficult to install
  • it’s missing common comment system features like replies, threads, ...
  • you have to implement and maintain your own anti-spam measures
  • it hasn’t been well maintained in the last couple of years

This comments plugin is documented in the comments chapter of Part 2: Core plugin documentation.

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