Table of Contents
1. Mission, What's Missing, and Helping Out
2. Revision History

1. Mission, What's Missing, and Helping Out

The mission of this manual is to cover all aspects of using and developing for PyBlosxom. It is very much a work in progress and this manual is by no means comprehensive at this point. However, we do promise that the manual will get better over time.

This manual will always be free. It's licensed under the GFDL. The manual is (poorly) version controlled along with the rest of PyBlosxom in the CVS repository at SourceForge. That's both a boon because everyone can see the current state and also a pain in the ass because CVS doesn't allow us to easily rename files and thus allow the manual to reorganize itself as it continues to grow.

There's no list of what's missing, however, there are a series of FIXMEs placed around the document with some details as to what needs to be provided and/or fixed. I'm sure there are things missing that have been completely overlooked as well. This can change if someone wants to organize a list of missing topics (which would then probably cause a reorganization of the manual to account for those topics).

If you want to help out with documentation, let us know on the pyblosxom-devel mailing list. If you notice errors, missing pieces, sections that are unclear, examples that are erroneous, or anything else, let us know on the pyblosxom-devel mailing list.

Details of mailing lists and other contact information are on our web-site at .