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A reStructuredText entry formatter for pyblosxom. reStructuredText is part of the docutils project ( To use, you need a recent version of docutils. A development snapshot ( will work fine.


This plugin comes with Pyblosxom. To install, do the following:

  1. Add Pyblosxom.plugins.rst_parser to the load_plugins list in your file.
  2. Install docutils. Instructions are at


Blog entries with a .rst extension will be parsed as restructuredText.

You can also configure this as your default preformatter for .txt files by configuring it in your config file as follows:

py['parser'] = 'reST'

Additionally, you can do this on an entry-by-entry basis by adding a #parser reST line in the metadata section. For example:

My Little Blog Entry
#parser reST
My main story...


There’s two optional configuration parameter you can for additional control over the rendered HTML:

# To set the starting level for the rendered heading elements.
# 1 is the default.
py['reST_initial_header_level'] = 1

# Enable or disable the promotion of a lone top-level section title to
# document title (and subsequent section title to document subtitle
# promotion); enabled by default.
py['reST_transform_doctitle'] = 1


If you’re not seeing headings that you think should be there, try changing the reST_initial_header_level property to 0.


Plugin is distributed under license: MIT

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