firstdaydiv - Adds a token which tells us whether...


Adds a token which allows you to differentiate between the first day of entries in a series of entries to be displayed from the other days.


This plugin comes with Pyblosxom. To install, do the following:

  1. In your file, add Pyblosxom.plugins.firstdaydiv to the load_plugins list.

  2. (optional) Set the firstDayDiv config variable. This defaults to blosxomFirstDayDiv.


    py['firstDayDiv'] = 'blosxomFirstDayDiv'


This denotes the first day with the css class set in the firstDayDiv config variable. This is available in the $(dayDivClass) template variable. You probably want to put this in your date_head template in a <div...> tag.

For example, in your date_head, you could have:

<div class="$dayDivClass">
<span class="blosxomDate">$date</span>

and in your date_foot, you’d want to close that <div> off:


Feel free to use this in other ways.


Plugin is distributed under license: MIT

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