acronyms - Marks acronyms and abbreviations in...


This plugin marks abbreviations and acronyms based on an acronyms/abbreviations files.


This plugin comes with Pyblosxom. To install, do the following:

  1. In your file, add Pyblosxom.plugins.acronyms to the load_plugins variable.

  2. Create an acronyms file with acronyms and abbreviations in it.

    See below for the syntax.

  3. (optional) In your file, add a line like this:

    py["acronyms_file"] = "/path/to/file"

    Make sure to use the complete path to your acronyms file in place of "/path/to/file".

    This defaults to acronyms.txt in the parent directory of your datadir.

Building the acronyms file

The file should be a text file with one acronym or abbreviation followed by an = followed by the explanation. The acronym/abbreviation is a regular expression and can contain regular expression bits.

An acronym is upper or lower case letters that is NOT followed by a period. If it’s followed by a period, then you need to explicitly state it’s an acronym.

<acronym> = explanation <acronym> = acronym|explanation


ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange
CGI = Common Gateway Interface; Computer Generated Imagery
CSS = Cascading Stylesheets
HTML = Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP = Hypertext Transport Protocol
RDF = Resource Description Framework
RSS = Really Simple Sindication
URL = Uniform Resource Locator
URI = Uniform Resource Indicator
WSGI = Web Server Gateway Interface
XHTML = Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
XML = Extensible Markup Language

This one is explicitly labeled an acronym:

X.M.L. = acronym|Extensible Markup Language

This one uses regular expression to match both UTF-8 and UTF8:

UTF\-?8 = 8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format

An abbreviation is a series of characters followed by a period. If it’s not followed by a period, then you need to explicitly state that it’s an abbreviation.

<abbreviation> = explanation <abbreviation> = abbr|explanation


dr. = doctor

This one is explicitly labeled an abbreviation:

dr = abbr|doctor


If the first part is an improperly formed regular expression, then it will be skipped.

You can verify that your file is properly formed by running pyblosxom-cmd test.

Using acronyms in your blog entries

When writing a blog entry, write the acronyms and abbreviations and they’ll be marked up by the plugin in the story callback.

If you’re writing an entry that you don’t want to have marked up, add this to the metadata for the entry:

#noacronyms 1


You might want to add something like this to your CSS:

acronym {
    bordor-bottom: 1px dashed #aaa;
    cursor: help;

abbr {
    bordor-bottom: 1px dashed #aaa;
    cursor: help;


Based on the Blosxom acronyms plugin by Axel Beckert at .


Plugin is distributed under license: MIT