This covers the basics you need to know for contributing to PyBlosxom.

How to clone the project

PyBlosxom is on GitHub.

If you don’t have a GitHub account

Clone the project using git:

git clone

Set and git configuration:

git config "your name"
git config "your@email.address"

Create a new branch off of master for any new work that you do.

When you want to send it upstream, do:

git format-patch --stdout origin/master > NAME_OF_PATCH_FILE.patch

where NAME_OF_PATCH_FILE is a nice name that’s short and descriptive of what the patch holds and master should be replaced with your branch name

Then attach that .patch file and send it to pyblosxom-devel mailing list.

Code conventions

Follow PEP-8.


Please add tests for changes you make. In general, it’s best to write a test, verify that it fails, then fix the code which should make the test pass.

Tests go in Pyblosxom/tests/.


New features should come with appropriate changes to the documentation.

Documentation is in the docs/ directory, written using restructured text, and built with Sphinx.