7.4. Additional Thoughts

Static rendering is pretty simplistic. We use the tools.render_url function to render each url. Plugins that need to re-render the entry pages because something has changed (e.g. comments, pingbacks, ...), should call this function.

If you want to statically render your blog every night, you could write a shell script like this:

Example 7-5. static rendering shell script

cd directory-with-pyblosxom.cgi
./pyblosxom.cgi --static 
find static_dir-directory -mmin +30 -exec 'rm' '{}' ';' 

That'll re-render everything, then delete any files in your static dir that are older than 30 minutes (in case you moved entries from one category to another or deleted an entry or whatever).

Noteother files

If your web-site requires more files than just the ones that are rendered by PyBlosxom (images, CSS, ...), then you should copy those over with your shell script as well.