7.2. Running Static Rendering

7.2.1. Render Everything

Now you can run static rendering:

Example 7-2. running static rendering at the command line

% cd directory-with-pyblosxom.cgi-in-it 
% ./pyblosxom.cgi --static 

Lots of output will appear as it figures out all the urls that need to be rendered and then renders them all one by one.

7.2.2. Incremental Rendering

We have incremental rendering which will go find all the entries that have changed since we rendered them and then re-render them. It does this by comparing the mtime on the entry file with the mtime on the rendered file.

It works like this:

Example 7-3. running static rendering incrementally

% cd directory-with-pyblosxom.cgi-in-it 
% ./pyblosxom.cgi --static --incremental