1.2. Who shouldn't use PyBlosxom

FIXME - this needs to be re-written and more concise.

PyBlosxom is a small project. As such, we have no customer support hotline, our documentation will be eternally half-done, and it's likely you will run into problems eventually unless you want a bare-bones blog.

PyBlosxom is a CGI program at its heart. While there have been changes to make it work with WSGI and mod_python and other web-servers, it's still architected as a CGI program. Using it in other ways may cause headaches.

If this sort of thing infuriates you, we don't think you should use PyBlosxom.

PyBlosxom is not all things to all people. We have a framework that allows for plugins to be built, but if you're not into building plugins, then it's possible that PyBlosxom may not fit your needs.