10.3. Lifecycle of the blosxom_handler

This describes what the blosxom_handler does. This is the default handler for PyBlosxom. It's called by the PyBlosxom instance in the run method if none of the plugins have handled the request already.

  1. calls the renderer callback to get a renderer instance.

    If none of the plugins return a renderer instance, then we go check to see if config.py has the renderer property set and use that.

    If there is no renderer property set, we use the blosxom renderer which is found in the pyblosxom.PyBlosxom.renderer package.

  2. calls the pathinfo callback which allows all the plugins to help figure out what to do with the HTTP URI/QUERYSTRING we've been given.

  3. calls the filelist callback which returns a list of entries to render based on what the path info is.

  4. calls the prepare callback which allows plugins to transform the entries and any other data in the Request object prior to rendering.

  5. renders the entries.